Asterion Minecraft closed down on 10 January 2016 and is no longer in operation.

Due to rising costs and a shrinking user base, we had no choice but to close down the server. It meant a lot to us and we really enjoyed developing and meeting all the amazing people who made it great. If you took part in the server, then thank you for being awesome!

The Ginever Alliance, which operated the server, has now been succeeded by Ginever Entertainment. You can catch up with us by heading over to our website ( We’re always working on new and exciting projects and we’d love for you to join in!

If you were looking for the Robbit mod pack, it’s still available for single player and multiplayer LAN. Intermittent updates are also made available with bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements. Information about the mod pack, along with its public bug tracker, can be found in our project manager here:

The latest version of Robbit can be downloaded using Robbit Launcher 3, which you can grab from the downloads section of ( Limited support will be available from the forums and Discord server on an ad-hoc basis only.

There are currently no plans to redistribute the dedicated server jar file. If you want to play with your friends, the client includes a LAN-mode which you can use in conjunction with a VPN service such as Hamachi.

If you are a developer and would be interested in resuming the development of the Robbit mod pack for whatever reason, please contact Tinytimrob directly (either via e-mail or via the forums) in order to further discuss your ideas.

World Archive

An archive of world data from Asterion Minecraft and the Madras Overworld is available to download. It includes all map files from the server's history, starting with time capsule data from Beta 1.7 and going all the way up to the last maps of the server under Exciting Eclair. Grab it from here:

The world archive is provided as a compressed 7-zip archive and is split into 1GB chunks for convenience. To use it, download all 17 files to the same location and then extract the archive to the Robbit saves folder using 7-zip (or some other program compatible with 7z archives).

The map archive will work with Robbit: Legacy Edition 26.1.1 (r4053) or later only. It is NOT compatible with vanilla Minecraft or with other mod packs. If your version of Robbit is currently older than 26.1.1 (r4053) then you can update your client using Asterion Launcher.

Please note that for technical reasons, the map data from Asterion Tekkitcraft (which was run in parallel with Vanilla 1.3) isn't compatible with Robbit: Legacy Edition, and thus hasn't been included in the download. If you need a copy of it for some reason please check with Rob.

Please also note that the 1.6 Creative map is not included with the download, because all plots were mirrored to 1.7 Creative.